Water Quality Management

Saves Time

Increases Accuracy

Lowers Risk of Mortality

You cherish your employees time and we understand that. This is why our water quality sensors allows your holding tank facilities to be continually monitored through Sedna’s automated software. You will have the ability to view the critical parameters of your holding facilities in real time from your electronic device, including phone, desktop, laptop or tablet. Sedna is capable of measuring ammonia (NH3), pH, temperature, light and relative dissolved oxygen levels.

Hardware: The hardware consists of a centralized CPU with a node which can be placed at any location around the holding tanks. Multiple hardware units can be installed to ensure your full facility is being monitored and no reading is missed; resulting in a loss of product.

Software: Sedna’s software allows you to visualize the data as well as notify the necessary parties when parameters are breached. If coupled with Sedna’s AIM module you will have the ability to combine the history of conditions in which each product was kept, allowing you to make educated business decisions on perishable products and production planning.

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