Dockside Operations

Tracking internal movement of inventory as it moves through receiving, storage and shipping. 


Shop Floor Application 

Instead of employees having to manually scan or enter data, locations or numbers, the Sedna module will tell when and where your products are in real-time, their volumes, locations as well as provide a complete digital history of the movement of your products. In addition to this, Sedna’s Shop Floor application can document and provide valuable business intelligence on the quality of your products from each harvester. This increases the transparency of your supply chain and eliminates waste as educated business decisions can be made on the product you source.

Hardware : A network of handheld devices and RFID tags.

Software : Sedna’s software is used on handheld devices for additional employee and provenance product traceability. All information feeds into Sedna’s centralized database which can be viewed by the administrator through various reports and dashboards.


  • Ability to track inventory in, internal movement of inventory, storage location, inventory out 
  • Logging of Historical data and circumstances 
  • Improved shipping and sales functions 
  • Lower levels of human error 



Accountability of workers

Automated Digital History & Location

Reduce Human Error


“We track every crate of lobsters with Sedna’s RFID inventory system. “

Osborne Burke

General Manager, Victoria Co-op

“Our operation is now digitized from dock to sale”

Allan MacLean

Operations Manager, Louisbourg Seafoods

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