Cold Chain Logistics

Audit Mortality Claims In Seconds

Eliminate Human Error

Receive Alerts When Issues Arise

With Sedna’s cold chain network of sensors and software, clients are able to log on to our system and view critical temperature data in real-time during transport or storage (ex: bait in freezers or coolers). This eliminates the timely task of outdated USB temperature monitoring solutions or consistent employee monitoring. Sedna’s cold chain solution is completely wireless, giving you transparency of the conditions of which your products are held without lifting a finger.

Hardware: Sedna’s cold chain monitoring boosts a network of sensors to log the critical temperature data as well as gateways to transfer the data to the cloud.

Software: Sedna’s cold chain logistics software can be viewed through our mobile application or through our web based ecosystem. There is also an automated notary service, which will inform responsible personnel when pre-determined parameters are breached. Sedna is not interested in notifying you when your product has spoiled but intercepting it and taking corrective action, allowing you to decrease loss. Our cold chain solution also works harmoniously with Sedna’s shipping and logistics modules to pinpoint the conditions that each product is held in from sea to plate, increasing your product integrity and a helpful tool should a mortality concern arise.

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