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Go from walk to run with the Sedna Ecosystem

When supplying a premium product, you have to ensure that your supply chain is fully visible and transparent, eliminating any threats to your product integrity.

The bad news? You are still using an outdated paper based system and aging technology to track and monitor your facilities, products and supplies. Leaving your supply chain vulnerable to such threats.

The good news? A solution exists to increase your product integrity, inventory management and decrease your loss. The Sedna Ecosystem, a state of the art system which tracks, traces and monitors your seafood products from sea to plate.

Sedna can further your growth and help find missed revenues within your organization.

The Sedna Ecosystem is Fully Integrated So You Can Focus On Your Business

Our fully automated database becomes your hardest working employee Get Started

One Ecosystem

Managing a seafood business is time consuming and expensive. This is why Sedna Technologies has developed a suite of products and services that save everyone in the seafood supply chain time and money.


Saves Time

Automates Tedious Processes

User Friendly

Mobile Accessible

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“We track every crate of lobsters with Sedna’s RFID inventory system. “

Osborne Burke

General Manager, Victoria Co-op

“We can identify issues before they they result in loss” 

Peter Stoddard

International Sales, Woods Harbour Lobster

“Our operation is now digitized from dock to sale”

Alan Maclean

Market expansion manager, Louisbourg Seafoods

“I want to know exactly where my issues are occuring from cacth to export. With Sedna I can finally do that.”

Cedric Robichaud

President, BMC Seafoods

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